How Lotus Design utilises CAM Assist to improve productivity and accuracy

Lotus Design
David Lefebvre
How Lotus Design utilises CAM Assist to improve productivity and accuracy

In the ever-evolving world of precision manufacturing, machine shops like Lotus Design are continuously searching for ways to make an impact and push boundaries. Lotus Design is a manufacturing company based in Cantley, Quebec, Canada, known for its expertise in designing and producing high-quality products.

In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by co-founder David Lefebvre, his unique approach to overcoming them, and the remarkable results that have solidified his business. We will also explore how Lotus Design incorporated CAM Assist into its workflow, the benefits it has experienced since implementing the software, and its overall experience with the product.


Speeding up design and production while maintaining precision and quality at Lotus Design

The challenge in Lotus Design lies in the need to accelerate the design and production process while preserving precision and quality. As stated by David, the business places a primary emphasis on product design and development, with a substantial amount of time devoted to machining. While Lotus used to be mainly a design firm providing CAD and prototyping services, it has since shifted towards more machining work due to increased demand. As a small business, it subcontracts additional help and continuously seeks to optimise its workflow. David specifically emphasises the complexity of coding and the importance of maintaining focus during the machining process. As a result, the company requires a solution that can expedite the coding process and minimise distractions.

“We are probably 80% set up and 20% production. So, a lot of files, a lot of G-code. That's why CAM Assist is for me”. — David Lefebvre.

The Approach

Integrating CAM Assist into Lotus Design's workflow

David Lefebvre discovered CAM Assist software and was impressed by its compute speed. The company tested it on a clear cupboard part and found it generated toolpaths quickly. However, the strategies on some parts were not in line with Lotus's planned approach. David decided to pursue the software and integrate it into his shop, but wanted to understand the level of commitment required on his side to get it to work.

David worked with our CAM Assist team to understand how to make the software work for his shop. They found that the software worked well and could be a great test ground for upcoming projects. The team at CAM Assist provided David with some training and support to help Lotus use the software effectively in a short period of time.

"I get paid to make parts, not programs” — David Lefebvre.


The benefits of CAM Assist for Lotus Design's machining process

After Lotus Design was introduced to the software and went through a smooth installation and implementation process, David was impressed with the ease of use of the software and the time it saved him. "For me, if it works, then I buy it, no problem," he said.

CAM Assist has become an integral part of Lotus Design's machining process, enabling the company to speed up its process and alleviate the pain of coding and decoding — improving efficiency on its workflows.

CAM Assist has been a step forward for Lotus Design, enabling it to focus on its core strengths - product design and development.

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