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CloudNC's mission is to make single-click manufacture a reality.

We build software that automates control of CNC machines - metalcutting robots that make  >$1Trn of components every year, for anything from aircraft to iPhones to cars.

Worldwide over 100 million hours are spent painstakingly programming these incredible machines by hand every year, and we believe this is a colossal waste of human time and talent in an industry already facing an existential skills crisis. Our software, CAM Assist, brings one-click automation to CNC machining.

Our world-class team, with tier 1 financial backers including Atomico, Autodesk and Lockheed Martin, combines expertise in computer science and physical manufacturing, from our locations in London and Chelmsford.

We are scaling from Series B to C at pace and are fully funded for this growth.

Theo Saville

CEO & Co-Founder

Theo is a Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineer (M.Eng, University of Warwick), with a background in defence, laser-based metals 3D printing research at Warwick Manufacturing Group, and sales.

Theo entered metals 3D printing expecting to be able to harness a technology ready to disrupt manufacturing, but gradually became disillusioned with the state and future applicability of the technology.

He was exposed to CNC machining around the same time and realised the disruptive potential if it could be automated to the same degree as plastics 3D printing, and he co-founded CloudNC to realise that opportunity. Theo was recognised in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry and in the MIT 35 Under 35 in 2023.

Chris Emery

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Chris has expertise in the fields of 3D Graphics and High Performance Computing, and an M.Eng in Computing from Imperial College London. Chris has been programming since the age of 12, having been coached by his parents (both software engineers) and started selling shareware when he was 15.

He co-created “EventBox”, which was acquired by Realmac Software within 12 months of launch. He then worked as a software engineer at Google, before leaving to found Five Sided Software. Prior to CloudNC he developed a GPU accelerated lightmapping engine of his own design for mobile games.

Chris was recognised in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry.

Andy Cheadle


Across a 20-year career Andy has scaled and led software engineering teams from the dozens in his own startup (sold), to teams of hundreds as Chief Engineer at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, and Executive Director of Software Engineering at McLaren Applied Technologies.

With a computer science PhD, multiple publications, an active presence in the academic community, and deep cross-functional domain expertise in software engineering, product leadership, software team scaling, technology commercialisation, and manufacturing, Andy is well-placed to take CloudNC’s solutions to the world.

Mark Duke

Manufacturing COO

Mark has over 35 years’ experience in UK manufacturing, most recently as CEO of Arlington Aerospace, where he led over 240 staff providing the design and manufacture of precision manufacturing solutions to the aerospace and defence sectors.

Previously, he took leadership roles at solutions providers including Kaman Tooling, Hyde Group and Gerber Juice, and has headed up factory operations for manufacturers across the UK over a storied career of providing value and efficiency.

Jason Bowes

Finance Director

Jason is a scale-up focused financial leader. He has a strong background within audit, accounts, taxation and data analytics, and has worked for a broad range of clients up to £150m turnover. He is a finance and accounting graduate from Newcastle University, placing 1st in his year. A qualified ACA chartered accountant, Jason was placed 1st globally during his qualification, winning the Peat Prize - an award for achieving first place in the Advanced Level Annual International Order of Merit.

Sara Green Brodersen

Chief of Staff

Sara is a strategic and performance-focused entrepreneurial executive with over ten years experience leading and growing startup and scaleup businesses. Danish of origin, she earned her M.Sc. from IT University of Copenhagen and has since worked in both San Francisco and London, firstly as a management consultant and later as an innovative entrepreneur, launching two businesses that attracted significant investment.

Currently, she's Chief of Staff at CloudNC, focused on strategy, investor relations, scaling operations and aligning the team for growth.

As an international public speaker, and actively involved in London’s startup and tech scene, she enjoys sharing her passion about all things entrepreneurship and startups.

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