CAM Assist AI for
Solid Edge CAM Pro

Turn hours into minutes
No credit card required
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Machining strategies in one-click

Utilize the power of AI with Solid Edge CAM Pro to seamlessly autocomplete the CAM machining strategy. Leaving you to tweak it with your signature touch, you can tackle more stimulating problems.

CAM Assist
02 min
Manual programming
03 hours

*Estimate based on programming [Enter part type name]

Scale revenue not headcount

With CAM Assist for Solid Edge CAM Pro you can program 80% faster without templates or macros to produce parts. From days and hours to minutes or seconds.

Download and go

We are currently working on integrations with other leading CAM packages. Sign up to beta for Solid Edge CAM Pro now!

Believe the numbers

Research of CAM Assist users shows:

Would switch CAM package to use CAM Assist
Time-to-machine reduced
Saved per part on average

Program with confidence

CAM Assist will accelerate your onboarding. Let it recommend the best strategy and simply review to help your learning, all while producing parts.

Don’t just take our word for it

"The greatest leap in CNC CAM Programming since punch cards"

The Manufacturer
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"I now use CAM Assist as a platform to quote parts against"

Mark Hyde
Hyde Engineering
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"I get paid to make parts, not programs”

David Lefebvre
Lotus Design
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