CAM Assist: The benefits

September 13, 2023
CAM Assist: The benefits

CloudNC’s CAM Assist solution is now publicly available to download for Fusion 360 users via the Autodesk App Store. 

Now, with CAM Assist manufacturers can generate professional machining strategies in seconds at the click of a button, accelerating CAM programming time by up to 80% and saving hundreds of production hours.

But what exactly is CAM Assist - and how does it help? Let’s take a deep dive into the advantages and efficiencies it enables.

CAM Assist

CAM Assist is a software solution that plugs into Autodesk Fusion 360 and acts as an AI co-pilot for CAM and CAD programming. 

It uses advanced computer science techniques developed by CloudNC to generate professional machining strategies for 3-axis parts in seconds, which could take CNC machine programmers hours or even days to manually create. 

That brings numerous advantages to manufacturing operations. Manufacturers can: 

  • Estimate and program faster, reducing time spend on endless strategy creation
  • CAM more efficiently without templates or macros
  • Train up junior staff to become skilled machinists more quickly
  • Speed up estimation, helping them win more deals

From conversations with our customers so far, we’re seeing on average a reduction in time-to-machining of 80%, with manufacturers saving some 68 minutes per part when they use CAM Assist to help their programming. 

Here’s some user feedback: 

Andrew Todd, G1 CNC Programming Solutions Ltd: “CAM Assist is game-changing. I’ve seen many solutions that promise automated CAM, but this one works!”

Richard Scanlon, True Position Eng: “It's really easy to use, installation is straight-forward. Cycle time for return was really good considering part make-up, especially when you consider how long it would take to do manually.”

Rob Hanning, Centinal Group: “CAM Assist will definitely save you time, specifically on 3-axis parts.”

Seeing the benefits

At CloudNC, we believe CAM Assist is the biggest paradigm shift for the precision manufacturing sector in decades. And now the solution is available through the Autodesk App Store, machinists across the US can now benefit: 

  • Save hundreds of production hours per year

With CAM Assist, manufacturers can save time on repetitive and tedious tasks. CAM Assist can automate optimal CAM strategies, allowing programmers to focus on solving more exciting challenges, while still giving them the freedom to tweak elements to their own preferences. 

  • Train staff in weeks, not months

If staff are new to Fusion 360 or CAM programming, CAM Assist can teach them how to make a CAM program. It accelerates onboarding, enabling manufacturers to hire, train and upskill staff faster. 

  • Keep spindles turning

When machines are idle, you’re not making money. By reducing time-to-machine, CAM Assist helps keep machines operational, increasing output. 

  • Get started immediately

CAM Assist is so easy to use that our team can onboard you in 15 minutes. It plugs into Fusion 360, meaning it’s all ready to go in an existing CAM package - and we plan to bring it to other solutions soon. 

Together, these advances will re-energise precision manufacturing companies struggling with rising costs and aging workforces. To benefit, download from the Autodesk App Store today.

CAM Assist

Your AI co-pilot. Automate CAM in seconds.

Reduce your programming time by up to 80% from only $99/mo.