CloudNC and DMG collaborate in world-first autonomous CNC factory

November 4, 2020
CloudNC and DMG collaborate in world-first autonomous CNC factory

CloudNC, developers of the world’s first autonomous CNC machining technology, able to program CNC machines automatically using AI technology direct from CAD data, is collaborating with DMG MORI to support its expansion and goal of producing fully autonomous factories.

At the heart of the technological advance is the use of AI, advanced manufacturing processes and an industry-leading manufacturing culture. Theo Saville, CloudNC Co-founder and CEO says, “We’re leveraging this software to produce components to aerospace quality at breakthrough prices. Reduced cycle times and a total lack of CAM programming costs are just part of the picture. We’re building an all-encompassing Factory Operating System to automate and streamline all aspects of the precision manufacturing process.”

CloudNC’s Factory 1 in Chelmsford will provide the proof of concept and DMG MORI will supply, install and maintain the CNC machine tools. CloudNC has chosen the DMU 50, 60 eVo and DMU 95 MonoBlock platforms, using Factory 1 as the testing ground for the machines, their configuration and its software and methods. Theo Saville added, “We intend to replicate the successful configuration of Factory 1 at future manufacturing plants and we identified DMG MORI as a company capable of manufacturing and delivering the volume of advanced machinery we will require. They have an excellent reputation, an international presence and a support and service network which can match our ambitious plans to bring autonomous machining to market, anywhere in the world.”

Steve Finn, Managing Director of DMG MORI UK stated, “CloudNC’s autonomous factory is very exciting and once realized will initiate a significant change in high value part manufacture. We are delighted to be selected as the collaborative partner and, with our international support network and our machine building capacity we will be able to provide the level of service and support that this project requires.”

Up to now, metal additive manufacture has been seen as the future solution for high value parts, but the technology is faced with significant limitations including speed, finish quality and the need for post manufacture machining operations to achieve the required accuracy. Clearly, additive manufacture has its place for parts which are impossible or very difficult to manufacture with subtractive techniques. However, it is a niche application and the technology we have developed will make it possible to manufacture any complexity of parts in any volume with no human intervention directly from CAD data. CloudNC’s Autonomous Machining Technology iterates through millions of possible manufacturing solutions for any part to find the optimum method, bringing the cost and time savings associated with mass production to smaller quantities.

Perfect parts delivered in any quantity in a matter of days, on-time and to-spec every time, at half of today’s price will gradually become the new norm.

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