No bias when it comes to talent

Vinny Hoddinott
June 14, 2024
No bias when it comes to talent

June is recognised internationally as Pride month, with the purpose being acceptance, equality, and celebrating the work of LGBTQIA+ people and raising awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community.

At CloudNC, our team comprises of naturally curious people, who thrive in problem-solving and collaborating to solve complex problems. We acknowledge that typically minority groups have been underrepresented by the technology and manufacturing industry and we focus on shifting the bias, by hiring the best talent and ensuring that everyone has a voice and can reach their full potential.

Our approach is to hire ‘A’ players across our organisation, meaning that we hone in our individuals who are specialists in their craft. While our recruitment processes focus on skillset and talent, the same cannot be said for all businesses: for example, research from Stonewall states 1 in 5 people feel that being  LGBTQIA+ has limited their career opportunities.  

Employee engagement

Research from Deloitte shines a light on the importance of creating an inclusive environment at work.  Their findings show that fostering a sense of belonging was identified as important by 73% of respondents, with 93% agreeing that it drives organisational performance​.

So what are the drivers of ‘belonging’? The British Council states that when employees feel connected, respected and appreciated, they know they are an integral part of the workplace community and have a strong sense of belonging to the organisation. That’s what we want to achieve at CloudNC.

CloudNC culture

The success of CloudNC is a result of diversity of thought.  We recognise this comes from people truly belonging.  We encourage different perspectives and skills to collaborate towards our mission - enabling single-click manufacturing.

Having an always-listening culture is an important element of our approach. Our ongoing employee engagement surveys show that CloudNC continues to provide an environment for the free and open expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs. In addition, respondents also indicated a strong sense of belonging with regard to the company.

These responses demonstrate that we have a culture that supports our people to perform at their best, where there is equality for all.

What is the answer?

Whilst we are unable to fix workplace inequality in other organisations, to truly create an inclusive workplace it’s not enough to change your logo’s colour for a month. Instead, it is achieved through having inclusive processes, taking the time to recruit the right talent for your organisation, without bias, and creating a culture that equips them to succeed. That’s what we believe we’re doing at CloudNC.

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