CloudNC taps HTEC to expand global engineering capacity in hyper-competitive talent market

Norval Scott
Norval Scott
February 27, 2024

CloudNC, a UK-based manufacturing technology company, has expanded its software engineering capacity, thanks to a new partnership with HTEC, a global end-to-end digital product development and engineering services company.

Under the terms of the agreement, CloudNC gains access to a team of experienced engineers, giving the company additional expertise to more quickly integrate its software solutions, such as CAM Assist, with additional CAM packages and wider technology platforms. This supports CloudNC’s mission to meet a broader range of customer needs, accelerate the launch of new products in the market, and solidify its competitive position, setting the foundation for additional growth.

Dr Andy Cheadle, Chief Technology Officer at CloudNC, said: “Hiring for skilled engineers and developers is an ongoing challenge for all UK tech companies, given the high demand and the competitive landscape. Partnering with HTEC gives us greater flexibility, enabling us to quickly scale-up and avoid many common talent acquisition challenges, helping us get our solutions to market faster.”

Darko Todorovic, Vice President of Engineering & Delivery at HTEC, said: “There is a huge similarity between HTEC and CloudNC: Solving super complex problems and bringing groundbreaking solutions to market is in the DNA of both companies. HTEC’s proven track record of high-quality service, combined with our footprint of global centers of engineering expertise, means we are well-placed to help CloudNC to quickly scale-up its teams. We’re looking forward to many more releases to come in CloudNC’s quest to empower lights-out factories.”

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