CAM Assist: In the news

Norval Scott
August 3, 2023
CAM Assist: In the news

At the start of July CloudNC released CAM Assist, our tech solution that accelerates CNC programming by up to 80%, saving manufacturers hundreds of production hours - into the world, making it available for CAM programmers everywhere.

The response has been remarkable, including from the global manufacturing press. Here’s a selection of coverage so far: 

  • In the UK, the launch was covered in depth by all of the top manufacturing and machining titles, including pieces in Machinery, the Manufacturer, and Production Engineering Solutions
  • The news was also covered by some specialist outlets, including Aerospace magazine, which provides insights for the UK Aerospace industry, and Develop3D, which explores how design and engineering companies can get the most out of the latest technologies, and Business Cloud, which covers UK business news

CloudNC founder Theo Saville then presented CAM Assist to a wide selection of the global manufacturing press at the press day for the EMO conference, which will take place in Hannover later in 2023. 

You can see Theo’s 90-second presentation on CAM Assist here: (go to the timestamp at 6.30).

Several journalists also interviewed Theo live during the press day, including India’s Modern Manufacturing India,  Machine Maker and Mojo4Industry outlets, while other media including M4S news, Modern Machine Shop Mexico, and the Korea Industry Daily covered the announcement too. Here’s Machine Maker’s interview with Theo:

Want to know more about CAM Assist? You can read feedback from beta users here. If you’re interested in learning about where the idea for CAM Assist came from in the first place, here’s the origin story, as told by Theo himself.  

Or do you simply want to get your hands on the software itself? Simply head to and book an onboarding call - you’ll be up and running, and saving hours of programming time, in minutes!

CAM Assist

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