Is CNC machining a good career?

Norval Scott
November 9, 2023
Is CNC machining a good career?

A question that we regularly see at CloudNC: is CNC machining a good career?

Obviously, as a manufacturing company that uses CNC machines, employs machinists to operate them, and is working to improve the programming process so it’s single-click, we’re pretty biased - but we’d say yes! 

Here’s our breakdown of why CNC machining could be for you… as well as some caveats:

1. Tech at your fingertips: As a CNC machinist, you’re not stuck in the past; you’re handling the tech that shapes the future. It’s a hands-on interface with the latest innovations, making every workday a step into the 'next big thing' in manufacturing.

2. Solid job prospects: Skilled CNC machinists are in demand now, and that demand will increase as the industry isn’t attracting enough people to fill the roles available. The market’s hungry for the expertise this role brings to the table, translating into broader job security.

3. Learn and level up: This isn’t a get-the-degree-and-done kind of field. CNC machining is all about growth, demanding you stay sharp with the evolving tech landscape. It’s challenging, sure, but it means you’re always moving forward.

4. Career flex: CNC knowledge isn’t a one-lane track. It’s a skill set that opens doors, whether you’re eyeing roles in programming, management, or quality control. You’re not picking a job; you’re unlocking a career world.

5. Real-world impact: Forget the hypotheticals; CNC machinists make stuff that matters. We’re talking components in medical tech, aerospace, automobiles, and more. It’s work that feels worthwhile because it is.

The flip side

But let’s keep it real: the job’s not easy, and that means it’s not without pressure. Precision is non-negotiable, deadlines are real, and the learning curve doesn’t flatline. It takes grit, and it’s not for everyone.

The job also isn’t all about mental prowess; it’s physically demanding too. Expect hours at a machine or on your feet, handling heavy materials, and performing repetitive tasks. 

Getting started as a CNC machinist

Kickstarting a career in CNC machining means diving into technical training and embracing a tech-driven mindset. It’s about leveraging education, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training to gear up for the industry’s demands. (We’ll dive into the requirements in future posts)

But overall, to go back to the original question: if you’re mechanically minded and interested in technology, CNC machining could be for you. You’ve got a path peppered with opportunities, a chance to ride the wave of tech advancements, and the real deal of job satisfaction. It’s a place in the future of making things that matter.

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