CAM Assist: now available through the Autodesk App store

Theo Saville
September 12, 2023
CAM Assist: now available through the Autodesk App store

CAM Assist is now available through the Autodesk App store, meaning that Fusion 360 users can easily and quickly download the software and instantly automate their CAM programming straight away

But what is CAM Assist, and why does it exist? 

Well, even for an experienced CAM programmer, creating a machining strategy (including toolpaths, cutting speeds and feeds, cutting tool selection, and so on) to create a component can take hours, or even days in complex instances, given all the numerous variables.

CAM Assist reduces this to a matter of minutes or less. That’s a huge increase in productivity, given how central the CNC machine is to the manufacturing process - indeed, our customer feedback tells us CAM Assist is reducing programming time by as much as 80%, saving each manufacturer hundreds of hours of production time each year. 

That’s a huge step towards our end goal: making CNC machining as easy as 3D printing.

Operational mode

How does CAM Assist work? Well, the software first examines the thousands of ways a volume can be removed, and every surface of a component could be finished. It then works out what are the most efficient ways and reduces them to a much smaller number, finally selecting an optimal way forward. 

That means that at its core, CAM Assist functions like a machining technician. It has a practical understanding of the physics and fundamentals of cutting metal so it can make the sort of decisions that a machinist would make.

However, that doesn’t mean users can’t refine CAM Assist’s proposals. After it’s produced an initial tooling strategy, it’s easy for programmers to alter strategies further to account for different factors and preferences. 

Benefits beyond programming

As well as increasing productivity, CAM Assist provides other benefits for users, including: 

  • Expedited quoting: by providing accurate strategies in minutes, users can quote for more work
  • Design for manufacture feedback: users can quickly understand a customer’s requirements and evaluate feasibility instantly
  • Better scheduling: more efficient understanding of timeframes means users have more surety over timing, helping them plan better
  • Program more parts: time saved results in productivity gains, enabling programmers to do more 
  • Upskill the workforce: by using CAM Assist, manufacturers can train or upskill new staff to be productive CAM programmers more quickly

Together, these steps can help fill the growing skills gap in manufacturing. Experienced programmers are retiring but they are not being replaced, all while demand for components is taking off. 

We need to make existing programmers more productive, while also helping people enter the industry: and CAM Assist helps with both, enabling junior programmers to produce quality parts within days. 

Want to get your hands on CAM Assist? Simply head to the Autodesk App Store and download today

CAM Assist

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