Pioneering People: Josh Nevin

October 9, 2023
Pioneering People: Josh Nevin

Pioneering People - Josh Nevin 

Josh Nevin  - Data Scientist

What motivated you to join CloudNC?

The company has an extremely ambitious and exciting goal - to revolutionise manufacturing by leveraging AI and optimisation techniques. I found the opportunity to work on this far-reaching problem attractive.

Moreover, I was enticed by the data scientist position within the modelling team as it would grant me autonomy in deciding how to tackle interesting research problems. I particularly valued the first-principles approach taken within the team and the highly collaborative atmosphere.

Describe your journey with us so far

Throughout my journey at CloudNC I have continually developed my technical skills, learning from my peers who are experts in their field. I have also had the opportunity to keep up to date with cutting-edge techniques in machine learning and AI, applying these to our datasets to generate insight. I have felt supported by my colleagues and management at every step of the way. Everyone is very approachable and willing to help!

What have been your standout moments with CloudNC to date

Upon arrival, I was given the opportunity to produce a new component of the cutting model end-to-end, from experimental design and data collection to deriving a mathematical model, to implementing a data-driven approach to predict a target physical phenomenon. This was incredibly rewarding, as I felt true ownership of this project, steering its direction with the help of constructive criticism from my peers.

Moreover, I really enjoyed my first CloudNC hackathon, a three-day event in which I tackled an interesting problem in a small team. I formed a team with some colleagues to tackle a problem formulated over lunch, during a casual discussion. This ended up being a fun technical challenge, which encouraged a great deal of collaboration and socialising within the office.

How would you describe the impact that you have made?

I feel that I have made a significant technical contribution since joining, improving the quality of our recommendations by modelling new phenomena and leveraging AI to shine a light on the limitations of our models. Moreover, I have brought cutting-edge techniques to the attention of my team, showcasing how recent advances can be utilised within our problem context. 

I have also become involved in organising socials, contributing to the friendly atmosphere and fostering relationships in the office.

How would you describe our culture?

Everyone at CloudNC is highly motivated and hard-working, striving to do the best job they can to achieve the collective goal. Moreover, it is a highly collaborative environment where people are willing to help each other. There is an overwhelming feeling of working towards a common goal, with a distinct lack of personal egos. In addition, there are great opportunities for career and personal development. No two days are the same and there is always more to learn! 

What words of advice would you give to someone considering joining CloudNC

If you enjoy solving difficult problems and want to help change an industry - apply! 

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, what are you excited about?

As the cutting parameters tech stack continues maturing, I am excited for integration with CAM Assist, so that we can deliver even better recommendations for customers. This will lend itself to further developing my skills and progressing my career. 

Also, I look forward to tackling new problems and improving our understanding of the cutting process.

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