CloudNC officially certified as a Great Place to Work

Sara Green Brodersen
August 21, 2023
CloudNC officially certified as a Great Place to Work

In recognition of our high-trust environment, CloudNC has been officially certified as a Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work certification is an independent accreditation, recognising over 10,000 organisations globally.  It demonstrates a positive work culture, where people enjoy going to work, have pride in what they do and who they work with, and ultimately feel valued.

At CloudNC we have always focused on providing our employees with a voice from engagement surveys and frequent check-ins led by our people team, and the accreditation is reflective of these efforts and of our employees, their comments and the value that they place on CloudNC’s culture. 

In addition, the feedback from the Great Place to Work process enables us to learn more about what our people value about working for CloudNC and where we can look to improve, which will be translated into our engagement strategy - making us even better! 

What makes CloudNC a great place to work?

CloudNC has a vision: We have an inspiring vision - to remove all the barriers that currently make manufacturing difficult and “expert human” dependent, and instead enable companies to create efficient and reliable manufacturing processes in a single click. 

That vision has enabled us to hire people who are at the forefront of their area of specialism.  Everyone is clear about what we need to achieve, which transpires into collaborative working, and they have joined to challenge the status quo, which leads to a culture of drive and curiosity. Everyone has a voice, and is encouraged to identify solutions.

Here is what some of our people say that makes us a Great Place to Work

“I have never worked for a company that cares about its employees so much as CloudNC Ltd. This place is a unicorn in between machinist companies. I am really lucky that I can be here and I can work for a company that gives back to us so much from every possible angle that I can imagine.”

“We're doing real and impactful work in a really interesting problem space. The problem is hard, and that's what makes it interesting and fun”

“We use cutting-edge technology, outstanding equipment, support to try new things, trust in employee, hybrid working (which helps in life-work balance) all with proximity to management”

What’s next?

We work in a unique environment where we need to balance the needs of a deep technology company and a high-tech manufacturing business, supported by corporate functions. 

Over the next 12 months, as well as supporting their needs, we will continue to focus on our diversity and inclusion agenda, along with career development and the output from the survey will enable us to enrich our plans.

As we look forward, our plans will see us expanding into new geographies - and we believe that being certified as a Great Place to Work will support us in attracting talent globally.

Curious to know more about life at CloudNC? Then please visit our Careers page, which details our current opportunities. 

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