How Andy Soos transforms his CNC programming for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction with CAM Assist

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Andy Soos
How Andy Soos transforms his CNC programming for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction with CAM Assist

Andy Soos, the Director of Bedford CNC, a UK-based CNC machining and engineering company, shares his journey with CAM Assist – a powerful software that has transformed his company’s operations. This case study explores how Andy has used CAM Assist for the past six months to create his programs and accelerate time to machine, resulting in a significant improvement in his programming speed and accuracy. 

The challenge
Accelerating CNC programming efficiency

Andy has been manually programming his CNC machines, which is a time-consuming process that hinders productivity. It has become clear that there is a need for a solution to improve this inefficient workflow.

The challenge here is to accelerate CNC programming efficiency, and eliminate the requirement for extensive manual input and adjustment.

The approach
Looking for a solution to enhance manufacturers' productivity

Andy became aware of CloudNC and the CAM Assist beta program that had just been launched. Being an early adopter, Andy did not hesitate to contact us to get started as a beta customer and now uses it every day along with Autodesk Fusion.

This new integration has empowered Andy to produce more complex parts and turn programs around quickly, which used to consume a significant amount of his time. Now, he is able to complete programs much more efficiently – which ultimately boosts his efficiency. 

“It's 100% different from anything I've used before, it's just opened up a whole new world really”.— Andy Soos

The results
CAM Assist and Fusion: boosting efficiency and scaling up business

Thanks to CAM Assist and Fusion, Andy has been able to produce more complex parts and scale up his business. He appreciates the software's efficiency, saying, "CAM Assist has really helped our business grow. With its 3+2 features, we're able to take on more jobs and produce parts faster, which means more revenue coming in this year." Andy cannot imagine going back to the old way of programming his machines.

During our conversations with Andy, he mentioned how his experience with CAM Assist has been successful. He no longer programs his machines manually, and has stopped pulling tools out of the library one by one each time he programs a part. Our guided tool onboarding process allowed him to create a centralised tool library, and this automation has made his programming even more efficient. Andy's confidence in CAM Assist has grown, and he is excited to continue exploring its capabilities in the future.

How can CAM Assist help grow your business 

Andy's experience with CAM Assist is a testament to the software's effectiveness and the numerous benefits it can bring to any manufacturing company with 3-axis milling machines. CAM Assist can help manufacturing companies deliver projects faster, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline their daily operations with ease.

By improving programming speed, accuracy, and complexity, CAM Assist can lead to faster project delivery and improved customer satisfaction. 

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