Accelerating precision machining with AI

Norval Scott
November 23, 2023
Accelerating precision machining with AI

At CloudNC, we’re all about developing solutions that accelerate precision machining, for the benefit of everyone. 

But - why does accelerating precision machining matter in the first place? 
To help answer that question, we’ve put together a white paper that takes a deep dive into the subject, examining the current state of play in precision machining, the challenges and opportunities, and the potential solutions. 

In it, we explore in detail thorny issues such as the skills gap and challenges within the machining process itself, while also examining how machinists today are applying new technologies to resolve those problems. 

Readers will learn: 

  • Why precision machining is such a critical part of manufacturing
  • What the critical issues are in the sector - and why they are so difficult to solve
  • Where the opportunities to improve operations lie
  • How solutions like CloudNC’s CAM Assist software can help resolve those problems for the benefit of all
  • How CAM Assist works and what benefits it brings to the table
  • How manufacturers are applying this technology today, allowing their experts to spend less time on programming, while upskilling new employees more quickly
  • What this means for the global manufacturing industry

Theo Saville, co-founder of CloudNC, said: “In this white paper, we take a deep dive into some of these issues, and identify potential solutions that could point towards a new future for precision machining. I hope there is some value in it for anyone interested in the future of manufacturing.”

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