CAM Assist in the news (again)

Norval Scott
October 19, 2023
CAM Assist in the news (again)

Earlier in 2023, CloudNC released CAM Assist, our tech solution that accelerates CNC programming by up to 80%, saving manufacturers hundreds of production hours - into the world, making it available for CAM programmers everywhere. 

The media response has been incredible - we’ve previously rounded up coverage here, but now it’s time for a follow up, not least as the in-depth magazine features on the solution and its benefits have now started to land.

New highlights include: 

  • The cover story of Production Engineering Solutions, a leading UK trade publication. Reporter Ed Hill visited our factory in Chelmsford and interviewed founder Theo Saville on the development of CAM Assist, and the company’s future plans.

    In the piece, Ed says: “Observing the process in action it’s hard not to be impressed. In the example I was shown a rectangular aluminium part (approximately 180 x 120 x 50mm) with various shaped pockets, profiles, grooves, holes, and other surface features, was programmed in around a minute and, once the billet was prepared, directly machined on a Haas VF-2 vertical machining centre.”

  • Machinery editor Justin Burns also interviewed Theo and visited the factory for a feature in one of the UK’s leading manufacturing publications, which you can read in the magazine itself here. The piece includes feedback on the solution from one of CAM Assist’s users and customers, Mark Hyde of Hyde Engineering.

  • We also secured our first piece of major US press, as Digital Engineering covered the release of CAM Assist onto the Autodesk App Store

Want to know more about CAM Assist? You can read feedback from beta users here. If you’re interested in learning about where the idea for CAM Assist came from in the first place, here’s the origin story, as told by Theo himself.  

Or do you simply want to get your hands on the software itself? Simply head to and book an onboarding call - you’ll be up and running, and saving hours of programming time, in minutes!

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