CloudNC at EMO 2023

October 3, 2023
CloudNC at EMO 2023

At CloudNC, we love showing the impact of our CAM Assist solution to the manufacturing world - which is why we enjoy big conferences like EMO 2023 so much!

 Theo Saville in the DMG Mori Pavilion

EMO is one of the crown jewels of the manufacturing calendar, when every major player converges on Hannover, Germany to share best practice, talk shop, and see what new technologies are about to breakthrough.

Day 1 - What to Expect at EMO 2023

Day 2 highlights shared by Theo from CloudNC.

We witnessed some incredible innovations revolutionising the manufacturing industry.
- Five-axis laser cutter with a water jet system: Clears debris and cools down metal during laser cutting, improving precision and efficiency.
- Multi-spindle multiplier attachment: Adds six additional spindles, eliminating the need for tool changes during high-volume production runs.
- Modern user interfaces: User-friendly interfaces that enhance productivity and precision.

Day 4 130X diameter drilling in a standard CNC mill.

EMO 2023 Recap!

Along with some of the cool things we saw this year, CAM Assist was also the talk of the show! Our software’s ability to accelerate CNC CAM programming by hundreds of hours a year resonated with manufacturers and machinists alike. 

Assorted quotes from attendees include: 

“The future of industry is about automation and precision, and this is what CAM Assist can bring” 

“It’s unique!”

“Last time I was here, it was 4 years ago and it was basically the same show. Finally, I see something different.”

CAM Assist is so easy to use that our team can onboard you in 15 minutes. It plugs into Fusion 360, meaning it’s all ready to go in an existing CAM package - and we plan to bring it to other solutions soon. 

Together, these advances will re-energise precision manufacturing companies struggling with rising costs and aging workforces. To benefit, download it from today.

CAM Assist

Your AI co-pilot. Automate CAM in seconds.

Reduce your programming time by up to 80% from only $99/mo.