Providing tailored employee benefits with ThanksBen

Norval Scott
April 14, 2023
Providing tailored employee benefits with ThanksBen

At CloudNC we understand that to employ pioneering people, you need to have a benefit offering to match.  

Our people are unique, and therefore what people view as a benefit will differ for each individual.  

Our partnership with ThanksBen is just one of the benefits available to all of our employees on day 1. It enables us to provide an offering tailored by our people to their own individual wants and needs.

We credit all of our people with a monthly allowance, and they then have the freedom to spend how they wish. Some opt to use their allowance to add to their current private medical cover, make additional pension contributions, or for some retail therapy. The choice is endless!

ThanksBen also provides on-demand workouts and learning and development, which our people can access and consume as they wish, again providing them with flexibility.

Davinia Hoddinott, Head of People at CloudNC, said: “How did I use my monthly allowance? Exercise is a key enabler to keep me mentally healthy. I wanted to return to strength training and I used my allowance to buy some new weights, something which I might have otherwise put off.  To balance that out, this month I am planning to use my allowance for some well-being treatments.”

If you would like to work for a company that celebrates the diversity of its people, including by helping meet their lifestyle needs, then why not check out our current vacancies and apply on-line today!

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