Autodesk University 2023: it’s a wrap

Norval Scott
November 29, 2023
Autodesk University 2023: it’s a wrap

Every year, tens of thousands of design aficionados descend on Autodesk University, keen to hear about the latest trends and how they will impact on the way everything in the world is made. 

This year’s event was held amidst the bright lights of Las Vegas, and the word on everyone’s lips (including keynote speaker Ryan Reynolds) was AI - a term that Autodesk’s leaders and influencers all agreed is set to change design and build forever. 

In particular, CloudNC’s technology was highlighted as a significant element of the forthcoming suite of products set to change the world. In addition to our AI CNC toolpath technology being prominently showcased at the forefront of the keynotes, CloudNC CPO James Monighan spoke on Connected Manufacturing: Fusion partners & integrations driving AI, automation, and sustainability, while CEO Theo Saville held a product demo showcasing how you can Accelerate CNC Machining with AI.

Our stand was also buzzing with people interested in a demo or understanding how CAM Assist can accelerate their programming and support growth, and we showed off the software’s capabilities over the week to hundreds of people interested in learning how AI is set to shape the future.

You can catch some of Theo’s thoughts from Autodesk University 2023 below. In short: AI is here and it’s going to revolutionise manufacturing!

As quoted in The Manufacturer:

Automated toolpaths: Fusion streamlines data exchange with industry-leading partners, enabling technologies to work together seamlessly. One example is the CloudNC add-in for AI-powered CNC toolpath automation. CloudNC sees customers reduce tool programming times by up to 80 percent.”

CloudNC Team at Autodesk University

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, technological advancements are pivotal in enhancing efficiency and productivity. With CAM Assist the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is transforming how manufacturing strategies are devised and executed.

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