CAM Assist 3+2 - in the news

Norval Scott
March 5, 2024
CAM Assist 3+2 - in the news

In February 2024, CloudNC released a new update to CAM Assist, our tech solution that accelerates CNC programming, saving manufacturers 300 production hours a year.

The update means CAM Assist can now produce machining strategies for 3+2 axis components as well, greatly increasing its utility for manufacturers and CAM programmers around the world.  into the world, making it available for CAM programmers everywhere.

The media response to the update has again been exceptional, as the world’s press is taking notice of what our updated solution represents to the industry. (You can see previous round-ups here and here).

New 3+2 highlights include:

- Coverage in leading US machining publication Modern Machine Shop, as well as its sister publication Modern Machine Shop Mexico. US publication Digital Engineering also covered our new reseller agreement in North America with DSI, which makes it even easier for machinists to get started with CAM Assist.

- In the UK, the major manufacturing publications all covered the news, including coverage in Machinery, Develop3D, Production Engineering Solutions, Aerospace Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Management.

- The tech press is also starting to cover what CAM Assist means to the manufacturing industry - here’s an in-depth interview with Theo Saville in the FT’s technology magazine Sifted, which states that AI ‘is revolutionising the biggest industry you’ve never heard of’, as well as coverage in business technology publication Business Cloud.  

Want to know more about CAM Assist? You can read feedback from users here. If you’re interested in learning about where the idea for CAM Assist came from in the first place, here’s the origin story, as told by Theo himself.  Or if you want a deep dive into why this technology matters, take a look at our white paper on improving precision machining with AI.

Or do you simply want to get your hands on the software itself? Simply head to and book an onboarding call - you’ll be up and running, and saving hours of programming time, in minutes!

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