Cutting Parameters AI: in the news (updated!)

Norval Scott
April 17, 2024
Cutting Parameters AI: in the news (updated!)

In April 2024, we announced the latest update to our CAM Assist solution: our Cutting Parameters AI module.

Cutting Parameters AI automatically generates physics-based precision machining feeds and speeds in seconds, allowing users to instantly set unique feeds and speeds for every toolpath in a CAM program, even for materials and tools they have never used before, all within their existing CAM software packages and workflows.

It’s a huge advance - indeed, we believe users will realise productivity gains of at least 20% in their machining operations through the improvements it offers - and the machining press is again taking notice.  (You can see previous round-ups covering our CAM Assist announcements here, here and here).

New Cutting Parameters highlights include:

Want to get your hands on Cutting Parameters? Simply head to - you’ll be up and running, and saving hours of programming and planning time, in minutes!

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